Want to create a remarkable event without remarkable costs to the planet?

We believe in catering with a conscience. Parkhurst's commitment to excellence in catering includes a commitment to making your environment healthier. In 2009, we launched our EcoStepsSM program to show the steps we're taking to improve our company’s ecological footprint. The mission of EcoStepsSM is to continually expand our role as a socially responsible company while providing exceptional hospitality experiences to all of your guests. Currently, we've implemented the following steps:

  • Converting spent fryer oil to bio–diesel fuel versus sending it to a rendering facility to be used for cosmetics or animal feed
  • Printing all of our marketing materials on recycled paper
  • Following where possible the recommendations of organizations that improve the management of fisheries in restoring healthy fish populations, while increasing our use of sustainable seafood
  • Composting all of our pre and post consumer food waste
  • Making Fair Trade coffees available at all Parkhurst locations
  • Using paper napkins made from recycled paper
  • Promoting the use of washable, reusable service ware and utensils where applicable
  • Creating onsite organic gardens where possible
  • Managing our award-winning FarmSource® program of supporting local farmers.

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond our food. All of our new construction and renovation projects require LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. LEED certification is the recognized standard for measuring building sustainability.

Be more eco-friendly with your next event by contacting Parkhurst Event Catering today.

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